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Monday Specials


Lorraine Quiche


ham, bacon, and cheddar cheese  $8.99

Breakfast Quiche

 sausage, bacon, and swiss cheese  $8.99

Crab N' Swiss Quiche


Spinach, Tomato, and Feta Cheese Quiche


Spinach, Tomato, and Goat Cheese Quiche



Steak or Chicken Fajita Taco Salad

green pepper, and onions, and cheddar-Jack cheese on a bed of lettuce and pinto beans. Served with a side of salsa and sour cream  $10.59

Blackened Salmon, Tuna Steak, or Shrimp Caesar Salad

served with our homemade caesar dressing  $12.99

Strawberry Spinach Salad

grilled chicken, strawberry, candied pecans, dried raspberry, and goat cheese over fresh spinach served with chianti dressing  $10.99

Cobb Salad

fried crispy chicken, a hard-boiled egg, bacon, avocado, diced tomatoes, and blue cheese crumbles over mixed lettuce  $10.79

Other List Items

Soups of the Day

Ask our servers for today's soups 

Hard Beef Tacos

Three beef tacos, lettuce, tomato, and cheddar-Jack cheese topped with sour cream  $8.59

Fish Tacos

crispy fried flounder, shredded cabbage, avocado, pico de gallo, and chipotle mayo on soft tortilla  $10.99

Shrimp Quesadilla

grilled shrimp, rice, green pepper, onion, and cheese. Served with a side of salsa and sour cream  $12.99

Homemade Crabcake Platter

two crabcakes served with tartar sauce, coleslaw, and a side of fries  $12.99

Homemade Crabcake Sandwich

lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. Served with a side of fries  $10.99

Corned Beef Cabbage Platter

corned beef over cabbage and boiled red potatoes  $8.99

Fresh Fried Oysters Platter

served with coleslaw and a side of fries  $12.99

Fresh Fried Oysters Sandwich

served with lettuce and tomato, and a side of fries  $10.99

Blackened or Grilled Flounder

served with a choice of two sides: green beans, lima beans, coleslaw, and applesauce  $10.99

Bagel n' Lox

smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion, and capers. Served with a side of fruit  $9.99

Buffalo Crispy Chicken Wrap

crispy chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, with ranch, and a side of fries  $9.99

Chi Chi Ciabatta

grilled chicken, ham, swiss cheese, and honey mustard served with fries  $9.99

Pimento Cheese Sandwich

grilled and served with a side of fries  $8.59

Southern BLT

pimento cheese, bacon, fried green tomato, lettuce, and mayo on your choice of bread. Served with a side of fries  $9.59